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OVS-600S sprayer
  • OVS-600S sprayer

OVS-600S sprayer

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Country of manufacture:Belarus
Technical characteristics of a sprayer of OVS-600S
Name of parameter Measurement unit. Value
Sprayer type . hinged
Productivity at a row-spacing of 4 m and norm of introduction of 300 l/hectare:

in 1 hour of the main time

in 1 hour of replaceable time




Norm of introduction of working liquid:

- small-volume spraying

- when providing separate types of works with reduction

working speeds, no more




Working speed km/h 4-10
Transport speed, no more km/h 16
Height of the processed plants, no more m 6
Processing zone width, no more m 6
Deviation of the actual consumption of liquid on an operating mode

from set, no more

% 10,0
Median and mass diameter of the settled drops

- at small-volume spraying

- at norm of introduction of working liquid of 500-1000 l/hectare




Density of a covering of the processed surface drops, not less

- at a consumption rate of 100-500 l/hectare

- at a consumption rate to 1000 l/hectare




Deviation of concentration of working liquid from set, no more % 5,0
Number of service personnel * persons. 1-2
Agregatirovaniye with a tractor of a traction class, not less kN 1,4
Pump . .
Pump type . Membrane and piston
Pump drive type . from tractor VOM
Frequency of rotation of a shaft of the pump rpm 540
Pump productivity, no more l/min 73
The maximum working pressure in system of forcing MPa 4,0
Tank . .
Tank capacity, not less l 600
Capacity of an additional tank l -
Type of the mixing device . The mixer is hydraulic
Tank capacity for washing of hands, not less l 15
Fan . .
Type . Centrifugal
Frequency of rotation of the driving wheel rpm 1900, 2700
Number of blades piece. -
Diameter of the fan mm 430
Drive type . two-level


Number of speeds of the drive . 2
Transfer number of the drive . 3,5; 5,0
Raspylivayushchy devices . .
Spray type . Centrifugal
Spray case type . rotary bilateral
Maximum quantity of sprays piece. 8
The mass of the car constructional with a complete set

working bodies, no more

kg 330
Overall dimensions, no more

- length

- width

- height

mm 1570



Time between failures of the II group of complexity, not less h 200
Operational maintenance time on a shift basis

sprayers, no more

persons h 0,15
Operation term years 10
Specific consumption of diesel fuel in an hour of replaceable time

as a part of the MTZ-82 tractor, no more

kg/hectare 2
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 25.01.2019
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